In the summertime, everyone’s busy. Such has been my case, gallivanting about to sip fine libations and enjoy the company of friends. And since the fingers are a bit rusty from not having tapped away at a computer keyboard for a while (for my own blogging purposes, at least), I think it’s time for a little reflection.

It was my birthday yesterday, and I celebrated in style. The new Water Grill opened up about a month ago, and some friends were kind enough to take me there to celebrate. Quality selection of taps and bottles for the beer, looked pretty good on the vino side as well. I think the thing that struck me most was that the place had been beer-minded from the start, and such an attitude is always good to see, wherever you happen to be at the time.

That’s a recurring theme lately, and I feel like touching upon it. Things seem to be changing, mostly for the better. Another year has passed me by, but I feel like I’m hitting some sort of internal stride. Another year has passed by Mekong, a Richmond institution of fine Vietnamese cuisine and a bastion of better beer that’s been in Richmond for 14 years now and just had their big anniversary bash on the 19th. Craft beer, that fluid moniker, seems to be reaching higher heights, and perhaps a ceiling.

Not only that, but I’ve just become acquainted with Twitter. The inherent concept of Twitter really rubbed me the wrong way at first, and I received it coldly. Who cares if you’re eating an egg sandwich, or if you just watched an episode of House, or any other inane thing one can confess to a group of total strangers.

But then I realized, isn’t that what I’m doing here, only in a longer format? Can’t “mini-blogging” be just as asinine as “real blogging”? It’s really the content and the author that count. Granted, my focus is beer, but it speaks to a select audience, some of whom I’ve never met. Maybe there is an audience for egg sandwich lovers out there. Maybe they just have really short attention spans and converse through 140 characters or less out of necessity. Whatever the case may be, I’ve learned to embrace this new technology and act a little less like an 80 year-old. It is what you make it.

I intend to keep most of my mini-ramblings in the realm of beer. So hopefully that might have a little more meaning to you, because unlike other areas of my life, I may still yet have something interesting to say about beer.

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