First, let’s talk pubs.

My good friend Velky Al over at Fuggled has been conducting a series of guest pieces around pub culture, asking writers (including myself) to pontificate on their local and what it means to them. You can check out my take here, or view the entire lineup thus far here. It’s been a pleasure reading perspectives from across the globe regarding the fabled public house, and, as with all of Fuggled, it’s certainly worth taking the time to read (preferably with pint in hand!).

Second, we get to some housekeeping.

I’ve gone ahead and made some updates to the Beer in Virginia page, as well as tidying up links and other things around the blog to make it a touch less cluttered. You may not notice a huge difference, but what you find should be somewhat helpful and relatively accurate. As always, feel free to visit the About page and drop me a line if you’ve got some info you’d like to see updated.

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