seal_of_virginiaMany of you may have already heard about Virginia’s burgeoning wine industry, but may not be aware that the Commonwealth is also growing in terms of brewing. Several parts of the state are becoming bastions of better beer, but you may not know where to find them.

I’m providing this page for just that reason.

If you’re looking for more specific recommendations for beer bars and stores in this state or the Mid-Atlantic region, I would look to the C.R.A.B.B. Whether you’re a life-long Virginia resident or simply passing through, give these establishments a gander the next time you get thirsty.

Virginia Microbreweries & Brewpubs

Macrobreweries in Virginia

National Brewpubs

Homebrew Supplies

If you own, operate, or frequent an establishment deemed worthy of consideration for this section, drop me a line with some background information and it may be added to the list. Remember, it’s about the beer.